Notes and Extras

Here you'll find the varrious treats and bits of creative detritus that would go on disc two if this were a DVD. Deleted scenes, explanations of just what we were thinking when we wrote something and of course, Dev's sketchbook because he loves to doodle when he ought to be cranking out more chapters with Jen. ^_^

Deleted Scenes and Omake

Stuff that for one reason or another just didn't make it past Jen's editing. Omake bits are...well... You'll see.

Scenes from Chapter Two

Extended Cantina fight!


Renn is L33t!

With apologies to Sammuel L. Jackson

Dealing with Liana 101

Notes and Stuff

Notes on the process behind the story, and why we did what we did.

Dev's notes on Chapters 1 and 2

Dev's notes for Chapter 3

Dev's notes on, you guessed it, Chapter 4!

Dev's notes on... Chapter 5! What a shock!

Is there an excuse for Chapter 6?

Inspirations behind the series and specifically the early chapters.

Jen's notes on Renn and Liana (all chapters)

The Sketchbook

Dev's doodles and other things of visual goodness.

Kara's lightsaber in all it's configurations.
Selene's holocron. This image came from a wikipedia. It's not my work and I'm not sure where exactly it comes from.