Chapter Five. The Inevitable....

All right, all right. We admit it. Chapter five is BORING. Then we screw ya for a few weeks while we frantically write what happens AFTER the cliff hanger.

This was actually the result of us loving our characters too much. Not the OMG *Snickckersnicker* sort of love (you perv) but rather the fact that we needed them to suddenly be friendly to each other so the cliffhanger had some punch. If when all's said and done Kara doesn't care if Renn dies and says "You'll never take me alive Sither!" then oh crap we've ended the story a few chapters too early.

So we started with the buddy-buddy in Chapter Four, which was INITIALLY supposed to end in the cliff hanger. However...we luvs us our peeps and we just couldn't trim enough of the banter out to bring Four in at acceptable length. So what do we do? We find the biggest 'Awww' moment in Four and snip it right there. Then, we pad with more witty banter. Twist our arms.

Of course, from my point of view the best thing happens off camera. It's here that Aeron realizes there's a California redwood wedged firmly in his backside and decides to undertake an emergency tree-ectomy. He tries to relax, to be more open with those around him, and above all, value their opinions and trust in them.

This is a rather large shift in his personality and it happens during meditation, We can't keep saying "and oh BTW Aeron's meditating" for a chapter, nor can we really internalize with him for a time because frankly, that would ignore the rest of the plot... Not like we haven't done that before, but we're trying to turn over a new leaf here. So, Aeron's revolution comes out as it must in this story, through sarcastic commentary by Renn. "Who is this and what has he done with our pet Jedi?" is something Jen and I say to each other on a fairly regular basis now.

And finally, we deal with the fact that Kara and Aeron's wardrobe are getting a bit...gamey. You ever notice that if someone in the SW universe has more than one outfit, it suddenly becomes a plot point? Curious isn't it?

And then, just as everyone is getting along, we have to go and INTERDICT them! Ain't we ebil?

BTW, if you're wondering about the great presence in the Force or why Venaar's acting like Everybody kidnaped Kara, just wait and see. You'll love what we have in store for you. Who knows, maybe... Droids?