Chapter Four: May the Fourth be with yoooouuuuuuuuu..... *bam!*

So, we get to this point and we're like... "Ok, now what?"

We have thrown action scene on top of action scene on top of complication at these characters for three chapters now. So when Four rolled around we realized we'd never really given most of the cast a chance to be people beyond merely saying "Hi, my name is *insert character name here*"

So we called a meeting and when no one was looking we spiked their kool-aid with Character-Growth-Hormone. They may never play in the major leagues now, but at least, they grow as people.

And they won't SHUT UP. They go on and on. Originally, this chapter was supposed to be called Liana and give her a more major role, but we soon discovered that plan was moot. So I named it Selene (afterall, how big a role COULD the holocron play?) but I think I got over-ruled. Marriage is like that, you have an idea, she has an idea and you compromise, by doing what she wants. ^_~

We inserted a bit of humor, a bit of good-natured `shipping, and we finally got our crew established. *Phew!*

Oh, and we sprinkled implications around by the fistful. The smarter readers out there are probably putting two and two together by now, but I think you'll find it adds up to five since I barely passed math in school..

And we STILL haven't messed with the damn droids...