Chapter Three, New and Improved Jedi philosophy, now with more arrogance!

One of the first things I wanted people to notice about Aeron, was that he is one arrogant son of a bantha. He is prideful and sublimely convinced he is always right. He's also the worst Jedi you're ever likely to meet. He is a symbol of everything that is wrong with what I call "Old School Jedi."

Aeron exists solely to put the Jedi in the worst light we can conceive of without resorting to libel. We wanted Kara to vew him as a stereotypical example of his Order. You, the readers, know his isn't true of course, but our cast doesn't have that luxury. To them, the "Champions of Peace and Justice" are only slightly less appealing than the murderous Sith on their tail.

So, after all that hard work and effort to make Aeron a galactic-class prick, we realized that there was no way anyone would willingly interact with him. So we had us a problem. We solved it (I believe most elegantly) by having him not only save the day, but do so by saving RENN specifically. The most vocal of Aeron's critics was now in his debt. Ain't we mean? Not that Renn seemed to care...

We were just about done with the chapter, when we realized "Yanno we're missing something. Something kinda important." Then it dawned on us. We left the Sith behind at Derra IV and they had no way of tracking our intrepid heros down. Enter Jen and her wonderful idea. "Let's kill Daj!" Gosh I love it when she gets bloodthirsty. We even got to hint that there was more to Venaar than we knew before.

What else was neat about Chapter three? Hrm.. .Oh yeah! There are the droids. One of these years we have to give B4 and T5 some damn screen time! B4 was created as the perfect foil for Aeron, a calm and compassionate machine with no soul, but the most soulful personality on the ship. And yet he came off as a snarky Robo-Renn. Maybe we'll just save it for the "Special Edition" in twenty years...

Oh yeah, and we planted all kinds of seeds for later chapters. Will they bear fruit? Stay tuned true believers!

(Cause Excelsior's been done)