Dev's notes on the Chapters One and Two, and the series as a whole

Ever notice how a lot of authors tell you they borrowed from great archetypes?

That's shorthand for "they swiped someone else's idea". I wanted to do the same, but be at least kind of original. I wholeheartedly insist that there is a twist to each and every character in this story, be it some hidden flaw that will come out later, or an outlook that is unique among the plethora of Star Wars fanfiction.

So, the main character is a force user who isn't interested in being a Jedi. She's pursued by a Sith who doesn't seem that evil, and badgered by a Jedi whose a flat out jerk. She carries with her a secret she doesn't even know she has, let alone would understand if she did. She's a snarky little girl who is rather mean spirited to the people who help her and, best of all, she has no one to tell her where to go and she has no idea what comes next. She's actually a living, breathing character who can, and will, make tremendous mistakes before she gets it right, if she ever does.

She's helped long the way by a self-righteous Jedi who can't get his head out of his backside long enough to see that life is not like it was said to be in the Academy. He's sanctimonious, condescending and convinced of his own moral superiority above all else. I love this guy for no other reason than I'm going to enjoy disabusing him of all his preconceptions. I can be a real bastard to my characters.

And then there's the rogue. The dashing swashbuckler, crack pilot, expert shot and all-around ladies man... Oh wait. He had a previous commitment. Instead we got Renn, a down on his luck smuggler who isn't allowed to fly the ship for fear of crashing it and whose suave humor is as likely to get him a knuckle sandwich as anything else.

And then there's Liana, who is, well.. a cat. She's in charge. End of story.

But most interesting to me so far is Lord Venaar. Come on, a Sith Lord who is doing great evil not in the name of personal power, but to fulfil an oath given to his beloved dying master? Can Sith love another? Especially one who stands between them and ultimate power? If they can't then they belong on Saturday morning and not in my story. What's the point of cardboard cutout characters whose motivation is written on a post-it note tacked to their forehead?

So we have our cast, now we need to do something with them.

Remember me saying I'm a bastard to my characters? Kara, it's cliche but your family has to die. If its just you and an unnamed great feathery beast flying about the valley for a couple hundred pages we'll lose the audience! I do worry that I ushered them off camera a bit quickly, but I take full blame for Chapter One. I wrote it, Jen just edited.

Chapter Two on the other hand, that was a joint effort. We introduce Aeron, Renn, and Liana, but thankfully Aeron gets himself shot before he can make too big an ass of himself. Him we save for Chapter Three. Big firefight, time to shine and show lots of faceless baddies getting shot. Yeahaw, we do luvs us a good bar brawl!

And what do we have in store for Chapter Three? Want a hint? Tough, I don't drop spoilers ^_^