Our story is entirely original, but is set within someone else's sandbox. Namely the Knights of the Old Republic section of the Star Wars time line. To help avoid lawsuits we don't assume any ownership of anything here, not even the artwork and site design.

The Knights of the Old Republic video games and the comics they are based on are not our work. The list of people who worked on them is long and varied and all of them deserve our gratitude.

Kotor started as a series of comics called "Tales of the Jedi", published by Dark Horse. This series spawned several other mini-series set in the same time period. Trade paperbacks of the various Tales of the Jedi series can be found in specialty comic shops and even, if you're lucky, your local library.

The first "Knights of the Old Republic" video game was released by Bioware, and it is worthy of every good thing ever said about it. The sequel, Kotor II: The Sith Lords is a wonderful game, but the ending is something of a let down, I won't repeat the reasons for it here, there is too much rumor already about who is to blame.

And of course there's the guy from Modesto. You may have heard of him, his name is George Lucas.