Where did this COME from???

I can honestly say that this story exists due to AZN Televison.

What? You've never heard an author admit something like that? Well, inspiration struck me one night as I listened to the crappy dub of the old Lodoss wars OAV end song. I suddenly wanted to do a story that was fantasy, but set in a sci-fi world. I wanted magic and laser fire. I wanted to take conventions of both genres and bend them into modern art... but I wanted it to still be enjoyable.

Shortly thereafter I was watching some of the special features included with the Original Star Wars Trilogy DVDs, and I saw an old Ralph Macuarie drawing, one of the ideas George Lucas had rejected for the movies, featuring a sandy-haired young girl in place of Luke Skywalker.

For some reason that image stays with me even as I write this. That image was the inspiration for Kara.

Retreating after that with my sketchpad and various fantasy-anime soundtracks (Escaflowne mainly), I set about drawing out my ideas for her, her story and the part she would play in a great drama. The gliderwings came from a bit of Wagnerian music they used in Escaflowne; the whole idea behind "Bladedancer" came from some middle eastern music I had floating around on my harddrive somewhere; the farmer-turned galactic savior was pure Lucas, I admit.

Then Jen and I put our heads together and soon we had us a scoundrel, an alien explorer out for the adventure and a quick buck, and the oddest pair of automatons I've ever heard of. The killer and the Priest. Go figure.