Extended Cantina Fight

((This blurb we decided to cut out as it seemed a bit too silly for the story. That said, never push a short mousey alien too far, you never know when a lifetime of bullying will come back and bite you.))

Renn watched the trooper and inched his fingers toward the still-full glass in front of him. If he was going to have any chance at all to get out of this, he was going to have to be creative.

He grabbed the drink and threw it at the table next to them.

The glass whizzed through the air, missing a glowering Trandoshan by inches, and striking a meek little Sullustan trader square between the eyes. Renn's face fell as the small alien let out a horrible squeak. Jumped to his feet (which was difficult to notice) and began wiping furiously at his eyes with vigorous arm movements, some of which brushed the Trandoshan.

The hulking reptilian alien decided to take this insistent bothering with only a minor shove at the transgressor, knocking the Sullustan to the ground (also hard to tell).

The gray skilled alien sprang back up, gibbering something in own language about being sick of bullies and whipped out a hold-out blaster. Not bothering to aim, the Sullustan simply opened fire.